Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mars + Saturn, Sun + Pluto

Can you feel that energy building? There's a focusing of awareness, a sharpening of attention. It's like the moments before the curtain rises on a play, when the energy is concentrated and intense, heavy with anticipation and expectation.

And this is the power of the square, opposition and conjunction aspects in astrology (find out what the aspects mean here). Currently, Chiron in Aquarius sits opposite Saturn in Leo, while Jupiter in Scorpio squares both, like the underlying thread between two widely differing perspectives.
This triangle of planets is a strong alignment, and is the major focus for all astro action over the next few weeks; especially on the 21st, when the Taurus Moon joins in and squares the triangle during the moment of the midsummer solstice.

But before that, the big news is Mars approaching the same degree as Saturn in Leo, while the Sun makes its yearly opposition to Pluto - at the moment through the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius.
There’s as many ways all this can manifest as there are people on earth, so it's impossible to predict exactly what's going to happen as a result, but there are likely to be similar themes, easily recognisable as relating to the planet mix involved.

Mars conjunct Saturn is about constructive action. There's no frittering away time and energy when Saturn is project manager. It settles well to hard work because it isn’t held up by the need for immediate gratification. This is a planet into long-term results, and is into a slow build-up, a visible progression.
Meanwhile Mars adds the va va voom, something you can't be seen without while in the sign of Leo.
It’s not an easy partnership, but when it works, it’s unbeatable. The downside is that Saturn puts pressure on what it contacts, so there's a strong pressure to act, which can be difficult for Mars to come to terms with.
Saturn is also associated with fear... of success, failure, disapproval, you name it and Saturn can get the jitters about it. Put that next to action planet Mars in the sign of Leo you've got something like stage-fright, or similar rabbit in headlights responses.

Meanwhile with the Sun/Pluto opposition, what was hidden is brought to light. Secrets are revealed, which can be skeletons in the closet, or a Holy Grail. It’s also the awareness that the light at the end of the tunnel just might be you; all those circumstances that conspire to reveal previously untapped inner resources - the buried treasure of the soul.
There’s always an issue of trust when it comes to Pluto, and of letting go. The Sun/Pluto aspect in particular involves letting go of what you thought you knew about yourself - a vulnerable place to find yourself, no doubt, but a place where the rewards are immeasurable.

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