Sunday, August 27, 2006

Tagged For Trivia

I’ve been tagged! From Lynn Hayes at Astrological Musings!
I love these tag thingy’s, as you can follow links endlessly, reading interesting facts about your favourite bloggers, and maybe discovering some new favourite bloggers on the way. Ok here's my contribution...

1 - Things that scare me
House spiders. I don’t even like writing the word as it feels it’s got some sort of summoning power. I know it’s irrational and I know they are more scared of me, but I think that’s the problem actually, because they move so fast when frightened. It’s the mutual blind panic – we’re both running screaming at the sight of each other. But there are those fearless ones as well; the ones that sit in the middle of the wall at 3am and stare at you till you wake up and think ‘how long has that been there, and where was it before that?’. I can’t kill them, but I can’t go near them, which has caused great problems and sleepless nights in the past, but happily I have now bought a spider catcher; a nifty long-handled device which means we don't even have to cross auras. I just scoop them up and release them safely into my neighbour’s garden.

2 - People who make me laugh
People like Ricky Gervais and Eddie Izzard, Stephen Fry, The Marx Brothers. Too many to mention really, but at the moment my favourite is The Mighty Boosh. It's good for my soul, I find.

3 - Things I hate the most
People who think animals don’t deserve respect or appropriate care and attention. Food producers who neglect animal welfare...And I hate that I have to check ingredients all the time, to keep an eye on unscrupulous food producers who don’t care what is added or taken away... Bullies... Closed minds... Ignorant, ill-thought out belief systems that keep us all in the dark ages (...and breeeeeathe)

4 - Things I don’t understand
Maths. It’s utterly beyond me. I can’t even add up properly. The numbers seem to jumble around on the page or in my head. Don’t know if you can get number dyslexia, but if you can, I have it. Thank goodness for computers, because if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be able to calculate a chart. It’s why I haven’t got a recognised qualification in astrology, as I couldn’t calculate a chart from scratch so couldn’t sit the exam.

5 - Things I’m doing right now
Apart from writing this, I am listening to an album by Jose Gonzalez, (bought for the song from the advert with the coloured balls bouncing down the street).
And am trying to build my new website from my ultra, easy-peasy website maker. And that’s something else I don’t understand – html, psp, and don’t get me started on rss.

6 - Things I want to do before I die
Hmmmm…. I would really like to lose my fear of death. That would be a weight off my mind.

7 - Things I can do
Astrology, Tarot, Spiritual/Aura healing. The healing bit comes most naturally, it was always there, but the rest involved lots and lots of hard work :-)

8 - Things I can’t do
Sing or play any instrument. Bizarre as it sounds, I’m frightened I spoil the wonder I experience if I learn the technicalities of music. I have never lost the childlike awe I have for music and musicians. It’s magic! I don’t want to know how David Blaine does it, I’m happy being spellbound.

9- Ways to describe my personality
A mix of Gemini, Virgo and a dash of Aries, with a strong Uranus/Neptune energy tying it all together. For those who don’t speak astro, that means I’m an optimistic, nervous, curious, chatterbox, who will tell you straight that she can see the universe in a grain of sand.

10 - Things I think you should listen to
Always your own heart. Whatever inspires you, even though it might not be what inspires others in any way at all. Also all your favourite tunes, as often as possible.

11 - Things you should never listen to
Well I’m not a fan of censorship, and I never say never; but it seems daft to listen to anything more than once that brings you down in anyway.

12 - Things I’d like to learn.
To not be so self-critical. I beat myself up for beating myself up.

13 - Favourite foods
Green and Black’s Organic Chocolate. Wow.

14 - Beverages I drink regularly
Tea. Lots of it, hot, strong and sweet. Also wine, especially red, especially with food.

15 - Shows I watched as a kid
The Clangers. Maybe this is where my fascination with the planets started :-) ‘White Horses’ (oh that theme tune!!!!), and ‘Champion the Wonder Horse’ - they were always on over the school holidays, and ‘Grange Hill’ of course.
Wonder Woman and Charlie's Angels. And I was jealous of my older sis who was allowed to watch all of The Rockford Files and Policewoman.

There you go, it's over to you...
Crazed Mom


Pamela Bee said...

I love your writing and your sense of humour. Ouch spiders! I've learned over the years to use a glass (to place over the offender) and a piece of card under the glass to remove it. BUT the harvest spiders!!!! I sit with a heavy dictionery each evening during these next few weeks and when I know there is one in the room I just wait for it to appear then splat (sorry) they don't survive :-(.
Incidentally I may be able to help you with Number 6.

Barbara Palliser said...

Hi Pamela - thanks for that!

Are harvest spiders those tall gangly things that look like they are on stilts?
It looks like I might be heading for a house move to the countryside soon, next to lots of fields - am I going to have to get a bigger spider catcher?

And you splat them? :-(
aww poor things, and dictionary too!

Interested in your thoughts regarding number 6 ...

Anonymous said...


First of all I wanted to thank you for your kind words about "Dreamboy Five." Yes, you got the name right :) But also, wanted to drop a few myself. Jose Gonzalez is awesome. They shot that commercial for Sony here last July and it was a phenominal site to see. Heartbeats is a favorite song of mine as well.

Secondly, I love your view of the world. Especially number 3. I wish there were more people like you in the world. I will definitely be reading your blog more often... thank you for finding me so that I might find you! Have a wonderful day. Jon

Barbara Palliser said...

Jon, you helped make my day wonderful with that kind of compliment, thankyou!
And wow, did you actually see that Sony ad being made?
Yes, I'm listening to Jose Gonzalez all the time at the moment, it's an incredible album. Hope you have a great day too.

Anonymous said...

I don't like spider eithers. I love all your answers. I feel like I just had a nice cup of tea and got to know you so much better.

Mine is up, thanks for tagging me.

Pamela Bee said...

Hi Barbara

The spiders on stilts you describe (what a good description)I believe are field spiders and usually stay in the fields unless they come in on your clothing.

The harvest spiders as I call them are large, hairy and dark in colour. They lay their eggs paricularly in wooden roofs so when they come in I assume they are females looking for a nest. The eggs are hatched in warm and wet conditions and in one new house I had the offenders were in the new timbers when it was built. That year was not the worst of my life even with two or three appearing every evening.
Another year we had perfected the eviction process spoken of earlier and eventually turned out six!!! Were they six different spiders or one that kept returning? I don't know but when we finally killed one, we did not see another that night.

I envy you the move to the country, spiders or not, and I hope it goes well.

I'll come back to you regarding No 6. Best wishes, Pam

Barbara Palliser said...

Oh heavens Pamela, I'll not sleep now, you've scared the living daylights out of me :-)

they sound like a right nightmare, instead of 'snakes on a plane' it's harvest spiders in a roof...

Pamela Bee said...

You have no need to fear death, there is no death, only passing of the soul from the physical life and into the spiritual life. It is going home.

You are afraid of the unknown, but why be afraid of something which is as natural as being born. You were looked after then and you will be when your spirit leaves your physical body. Your loved ones will be there for you and it will be joyful.

Now, don't think about going too soon. There is a time for you to go and if you arrive too early they will only send you back :-)

Barbara Palliser said...

Well, I've no plans to go home just yet :-)

much thanks for that Pamela

Pamela Bee said...

Hi Barbara, Glad to be of assistance :-). Hope it helped.