Friday, October 06, 2006

Full Moon In Aries

The annual full moon in Aries takes place late on 6th October, or early hours of the 7th, depending on time zone (7th October at 03:15am GMT).

With any full moon the energy builds over the course of a few days as the moon approaches opposition to the sun, and it frequently marks a shift or turning point in situations that have been at a standstill or stalemate for sometime.

This Aries moon opposes the sun in Libra, as well as Venus and Mars, which are currently in close contact to the sun. The sign of Libra carries the desire for alignment, so planets here tend to make us more aware of imbalance or disharmony; while it might feel things are more out of sync than usual, it's only our sensitivity and intolerance that has increased, for the purpose of knowing what's in need of our attention.

So if there's a sense of disharmony, injustice or imbalance as a running theme in current situations, it's the Libra pattern doing its best work. Enter the feisty and forceful Aries moon, hungry for immediate gratification and intent on personal satisfaction. Aries activates desire and puts it as first priority, and this is exactly what's needed to fulfil that Libra agenda of re-alignment.

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