Monday, December 04, 2006

Full Moon In Gemini

... at 13 degrees. Over the weekend I was checking planet placing for two of my close relatives, who are visiting New York this week for the first time since their last holiday in September of 2001. I noticed this full moon takes place over the degrees of the Saturn/Pluto opposition at that time.

September 11th was the final day of their holiday, and they'd planned to start it by having breakfast at the Trade Centre. The plan was to take the subway the short distance and then catch the elevator. But in the subway they hit delays. The ticket machine was broken, and everyone they asked was incredibly unhelpful and rather brusque ('No, I don't have change; no, there's nothing I can do'). So, hot and bothered, and cursing the lack of manners and delay to their schedule, they set off to walk instead, yet it was the delay and the unhelpful strangers that meant they met with the events of that day from a relatively safe distance.

Back in England we didn't know if they were safe or not, it was hours before we could contact them. They arrived home a week later understandably thankful the whole traumatic time was over for them. No one would have blamed them if they never got on another plane again, but within months they were off on another holiday and have continued to fly regularly and enjoy travelling. I told them I don't know how they do it; I don't know how I would have coped with that experience and come to terms with what happened. The 'what if's' would have driven me mad - how do you find peace after an experience like that? How to ascribe a meaning to it that doesn't make you second guess every seemingly inconsequential move you make, for fear that this time you're on the wrong side of 'coincidence'? Especially in the climate of fear that has descended since then.

My relatives said no terrorist was going to stop them doing what they wanted to do, or going where they wanted to go. They believed their time wasn't up that day, and until it is, they intend to carry on enjoying life just as they did before. They had always planned to return to New York, and had talked about it often, but wanted to wait until the time felt right for them. They wanted to make some new, happier memories of New York, and lay to rest the old ones. Full Moons are turning points, where we say 'enough!' to something. 'Enough talking about it' (Gemini), 'lets take that journey' (Sagittarius), my relatives have said.

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