Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Full Moon In Cancer 3rd January

2007 kicks off with a full on kind of Full Moon on 3rd January at around 2pm GMT, when the Moon in comfort-zone craving Cancer stands in exact opposition to the Sun in duty-bound Capricorn. This is an annual occurrence, and part of the solar/lunar cycle we’re all naturally attuned to on the deepest levels, but the question is how best to tap this current energy and work consciously with it?

A Full Moon in any sign can lead to an emotional shift or turning point of some sort, often arising from an ever-increasing tension around an issue that there’s suddenly no escaping. The tension is symbolised by the Sun and Moon positioned at opposite ends of the zodiac, 180 degrees apart, each expressing according to the nature of the particular sign they both occupy.

The Moon rules the sign of Cancer, emphasising the focus on all emotional attachments. The emotional ties can be with anything from actual home and family bonds, to our most familiar friends, as well as routines and habits, and memories and nostalgia for old faces and forgotten places. Meanwhile the Sun in Capricorn speaks of responsibility, duty, maturity and authority. It's all about expectations and demands, terms and conditions, as well as creativity through timing, planning, progress and discipline.

Mix and match these or similar keywords for your personal Full Moon theme. My theme is about a habit I know I have to break. A few months ago, I started smoking again after over two years smoke free. My excuse was the stress of my current living circumstances - I live right on a very busy crossroads, where the traffic literally shakes the walls and rattles the pots and pans. As well as this, I have a noisy neighbour who plays music every night. And I mean EVERY night!

Alternative accommodation is hard to find where I live, but I have a potential new place just perfect for me, that I first heard about last March (on the day of the solar eclipse in Aries!), and I'm just waiting for the call to say it's mine. But it’s been a long wait! And I started smoking again in a misguided attempt to cope with the relentless stress and pressure of the constant noise and disturbance.

So here I am feeling at odds (Full Moon) with this habit (Moon/Cancer), versus the need to get real (Capricorn) and admit smoking is a coping mechanism that isn’t working, having only really brought a new stress all of its own. I've taken the first step and bought my nicotine chewing gum, but haven't had the guts to set the date yet. As far as the astrology goes, I’m well aware this is a great time to be planning to break a habit, as Uranus is in strong and supportive aspect to the Full Moon, and in my own chart the South Node of the Moon is currently crossing my natal Pluto (old habits dying hard!).

Thanks to astrology, I'm also aware that the best way to deal with the at-odds feeling of conflict and opposition is to not push against the feelings that are brought up. I know at some point very soon I'm going to have to feel those nicotine cravings through without resisting by lighting up another cig.

So wish me luck! And I wish you the same if the Full Moon is raising your interest in making a resolution or two...

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