Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mercury Retrograde Till Early March

It's true Mercury Retrograde has built quite a reputation for always putting a spanner in everyone's works, but with Mercury in the magical, mystical sign of Pisces, it doesn't have to be all about losing yourself in boring communication breakdowns or head-scratching computer glitches.

For example, take this great tip from Mystic Medusa for working with the other worldly essence of this particular retrograde:

"Here is some easy "therapy" for Mercury Retro in Pisces. Sometime before the Full Moon Eclipse on March 3/4, write your own FairyTale. As in YOUR fairy tale. Once Upon A Time....etc.
And it has to be less than 800 words. Your quest, your treasure, your castle...and because - literally - only YOU will ever read it, you can feel free to cast whomever you want as wicked step-parents, handsome princes or mysterious guide figures. I always think it's interesting what stories we create about our lives when we know it's between us and ourselves..."
(More from Mystic here)

So pass that feather quill and crack open the Laudanum, I'm feeling a Victorian-gothic mini-masterpiece might be about to flow...

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