Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Full Moon In Libra On 2nd April...

...takes place around 6.15pm UK time, but the energy builds up gradually during the preceding days, and slowly lessens after that. Full moon energy is sometimes tangible as a heaviness or tension in the air, and situations can hold the tension within them, much like our bodies storing up stress. Because of this, a full moon can also indicate a turning point in a situation - a release of energy leading to change we’ve been working towards for some time.

The moon in Libra stands opposite to the sun in Aries for this full moon. Libra the scales symbolises the balancing and harmonising of connections and relationships; while Aries is more self focused, on preferences, priorities, goals and agenda. These two signs are chalk and cheese in the way they can be other-orientated and self-orientated respectively, but both perspectives are necessary for true balance, and this is where the potential for tension comes in, as the Aries path gets rather more bad press than the Libra way in our society, being associated with behaviour labelled undesirable and selfish.

Recently I chose to end a friendship (with good cause from my point of view, of course). My friend told me I was wrong to end our friendship, as it meant I was ‘too conditional’, and ‘not unconditional enough’. It wasn’t the evolved thing to do, apparently, and in her eyes, placed me firmly at the lower end of the spiritual spectrum, along with Ouija boards and Jackie Stallone’s buttock divinations.

Happily, I have both moon and north node in Aries, so remained unconvinced that my relationship with Divine Universal Life Force could be either enhanced or diminished, as a result of me acting in a way that made her feel better about her world. But there’s lots of thinking out there that supports her argument, and not just in so called spiritual thinking, it's everywhere; most recognisable as the ‘You Would If You Loved Me’ school of thought.

So for me, the annual full moon in Libra indicates the chance to become aware of how our need to be liked and loved by others is impacting our current agenda, or the set of intentions designed to hold us in alignment with our true Self. Because choosing to follow whatever makes us feel more in alignment with ourselves is non-negotiable in my book, and is something I wish for each and everyone everywhere, unconditionally.


Anonymous said...

Barbara, Must agree totally with you..have also had to end friendships with Aries...three of them. High maintenance, selfish manipulative "me" Me ME people. I don't like to judge, feel the need to give second and third chances( Picies rising)...truly believe they will get it, and learn to compromise, or give a bit. Finally (Taurus sun) says that's enough! Finially north node Libra 12 degrees, eigth house, conjunct this full moon says...I don't care about them..I care about ME more, feels right. Lesson learnt please God no more Aries.
Yours faothfully
Dianne M

Barbara Palliser said...

Ah, but bless the Aries who brought you to your own inner Aries nature! We all have all signs and planets within us...

You were out of balance (over-accomodating with the extra chances?), with your own desire (I want a great relationship), and along came Aries to say 'you have it within you to put yourself first'.
Bless that Aries for helping you get clear on what you want from relationships, is what I say! xxx

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog, Barbara. I've been downsizing my friendships too and getting rid of the ones that don't suit me - don't you think you can have have way too many friends anyway? Lol

Maybe it's all that planetary energy you speak of but it's gotten me thinking about the purpose of friendship and what it is we look for in friendship. As you say that wanting to be loved thing is a big factor in the equation for a lot of folk. Sometimes I reckon I'm too idealist, I'm taurus so maybe I'm just stubborn, and when friends don't fit into my own ideals I move on to see if the next one will fit. Like you say it's important to go with what makes you feel happy.

Anyways, as I said - interesting blog and food for thought.


Barbara Palliser said...

Hey you're a visionary, not an idealist :-)
I have to admit I'm pretty selective as I get older about friendships.

With the one I mentioned here, I realised I had a choice of either feeling guilty I hadn't been a good friend because I prefered to walk away, or feeling deep down I knew what I had to do to be a good friend to myself.

I decided it was more about staying to true to myself, and guilt is so seldom about that, I find. It seems more about other people's expectations and standards.

Thanks for your comment, Baz. Taurus is a very loyal sign once it finds where it fits, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Real interesting that thing about guilt. Do you know for sure that you ex mate thought you were a crap friend? I had times where I found that what I figured the other person believed about me was not the case, like they didn't think I was a bad friend at all. Geez that was like a revilation. Like we were just exploring different ways, different things. Not understanding the other.I kind of try to ignore any guilt as soon as it shows up and like you I just go the feelings at the time. Probably made lots of mistakes, but past caring, but like I get so pissed off with folks sometimes and then end up dumping them. Just as good that I've lots loads of mates. Lo,l

Like your comment about being a visionery instead of idealist. The y kind of feel similar energy.


Madeline Hill said...

I actually have lost 2 'friends" due to a business crisis during this cycle. I am feeling a need to FULLY embrace my OWN NEEDS right now, especially the ones I have put on the back burner so I could "help" so many other people in so many ways. I also am experiencing a need to abandon all the kinds of "caregiver" work I have done (that's all I am trained for, by the way..") -- my WRITING is calling again.. at least this Full Moon shows it's TIME for a little self-interest? AND has poiinted out WHERE THE COOPERATION is LACKING?

Barbara Palliser said...

Baz, my friend made it clear she thought I wasn't following spiritual etiquette or friendship protocol.
I really do think we can only go with the gut instinct aspect of it all... and allow others to do that with us too, of course :-)

Hi Madeline, if your writing is calling, maybe it's calling for your care-giving skills somehow. There's a lovely
Sun/Saturn/Jupiter triangle over the next few days or so. So good for getting the best out of these issues that the full moon has raised.