Saturday, August 11, 2007

Abraham Hicks And The New Moon In Leo

If you believe in what you see, then you are believing in the creations of the past. Everything you have from here on out can be created at this moment, and it can be created differently - Abraham

I love Abraham-Hicks. For so many years they have just been quietly getting on with doing their own thing, inspiring and uplifting whoever feels drawn to listen, with crystal clear speaking on the beautiful way the universe has about it, of Law of Attraction and the innate value and natural power possessed by every being on the planet. On the one hand speaking with more common sense than your most down-to-earth 1940's North of England matriarch, complete with pot of rationed tea and flowery pinny, against a background of cobbled streets strung with fluttering white washing; yet somehow at the same time managing to make life seem more magical than a Midsummer Eve in Unicorn Land, where all elves and fairies are lately rejoicing the lifting of a thousand year curse.

Yes, I can't get enough of them. And last year I quoted them in relation to the 2006 New Moon in Leo (read that here), as Leo embodies the creative heart of the zodiac and is ruled by the Sun - the creative heart of our solar system - and it's this creative power that Abraham talks endlessly about, where energy follows attention and only love and appreciation can make a fairy wand work any real magic. Once a year the Sun arrives in this sign to light up the inner Leo in everyone, and once a year the Sun meets the Moon in that sign, making a New Moon in Leo; a time to set new intentions and to begin a new cycle for all projects we've poured heart and soul into, as well as those we are only just nurturing dreams of pouring heart and soul into. For 2007, this New Moon takes place on 13th August, just after midnight in the UK, when Sun and Moon stand together opposite Neptune, the planet of least resistance. Which makes a right old line-up of planets in Leo this year, as communication planet Mercury stands near the New Moon, while Saturn + Venus are together again to recall and replay past events, perhaps with a focus relating to late June.

It's an unusual line-up in the skies, and there's an unusual offering from Abraham-Hicks to match it - their first LIVE two hour internet workshop, courtesy of Hay House Radio. So if you've ever wondered whether the Law of Attraction is really myth or reality or maybe want to sharpen skills already fashioned from other inspirational fires, you can grab a powerful, live, New Moon experience to remember by taking part here , or you can gen up for free by listening to past Abraham recordings in the comprehensive Hayhouse archives.


Melody Scott Zindell said...

What a beautiful first paragraph and it certainly fits Abraham Hicks. They are amazing!

Barbara Palliser said...

Hi Melody, thanks so much! Yes, they are so fab I think I could chatter on all day about them given half the chance.

soe naing win said...

I am looking for classical order of Sphere,not universe style.I found one .Ur silver cycle(wheel) also good ,Now I posting Name Nativity in my
thank U ,

Tumblewords: said...

Interesting people, for sure. I recently read The Law of Attraction but haven't checked the Hay House site for a long time - thanks for the reminder!

Barbara Palliser said...

Oh, Law of Attraction is a such a fine book! Love it! xxxx

Unknown said...

yes.. this time of year, right when the crop circles are happening, i feel like it's a great time, when my mojo is really working at it's best, and this period is no exception after the heartbreaks of the March and April eclipses falling right on my Sun/nodes.. an upcoming eclipse is falling near my natal moon, so i'm really hoping that i've got enough heart for whatever's coming my way.

Barbara Palliser said...

I'm syncronised to crop circle time too!!
Eclipses are powerful theme makers for future events, but aren't always heartbreakers. The last eclipse that fell on my moon brought a welcome change that I only realised was change months later. Kind of cryptic and not meaning to be there, but anyhow, keep your mind on your mojo and good luck xx