Thursday, October 11, 2007

Brief Look At Now

Had to make a note of it as there's such a lot going on in skies at the moment, what with a lovely new moon in Libra (embracing a new sense of balance), a Sun/Neptune trine (the soft-focus lens of idealism), Jupiter square Uranus (faith, friction, freedom), Venus meeting Saturn meeting south node (deja vu regarding boundaries and 'glass half full' expectations in relationships), and a Mercury Retrograde phase (reconnect, redo, rethink, replay, reverse, etc etc), linking up to Mars (sharp minds thinking alike).

Such a busy and buzzy kind of vibe can only keep on giving, more and more so by blatantly ignoring the guilt feelings rising from your Virgo bit, the 'constructive criticism' (yeah right), from your Saturn in Virgo bit, and the crippling self esteem issues from your Saturn/Venus in Virgo bit. Big breaks still abound via Jupiter/Uranus, and Sun/Neptune is heart-melting and soul-soothing. Also, be fearless in treading Mars in Cancer eggshells underfoot, as Mercury Retro frequently requires endless circling around a subject, while Mercury in Scorpio endless digging for clues or treasure.

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Tumblewords: said...

Busy and buzzy kind of vibe - phrase defines the atmosphere. Interesting times.