Sunday, March 02, 2008

Shadow Phases And Earthquakes

I am STILL not internet connected after house move! I have a phone at last though, which is something, as my mobile reception is only found next to the spider at the very top right hand corner of my porch. But not being attached to the internet has got me really out of sorts, like the cord has been cut on my Higher Self or something. I just didn’t realise how many Google searches I do in a day, seeking solutions from those in the same boat as me who Googled the same question in 2002 or whenever. Bless the people who knew the answer and wrote back to us seekers! Bless those ones who asked in the first place and waited 4 months for the reply, just so I can swoop in and grab the answer years later, in a couple of seconds.

It’s all very Aquarius, very collective consciousness, for strangers to be helping strangers in this friendly Water Bearer kind of way; which makes it quite frustrating and disconcerting that my chart ruler, communication planet Mercury, is still travelling through Aquarius and I am still so unplugged from the collective. I suppose it shows me there is something to the shadow phase theory (which I was never totally sure about to be honest), stating that a planet’s retrograde phase isn’t over till it reaches the original degree it stopped at before it began moving backwards. For this Mercury in Aquarius retro phase the degree in question is 24 Aquarius, which is the place Mercury stopped and appeared to move backwards from on 29th Jan. Mercury finally returns to this spot on 10th March… so if I’m not internet connected by then I’ll eat my hat.

Eating my hat seems a quirkily Aquarius sort of thing to attempt, though it is more of a Pluto type threat bet, being the planet of ‘it’s this way, or else…’ type extremism; so maybe the upcoming (early March) Mars/Pluto opposition is hotting up nicely if I’m dishing out ultimatum’s like that to myself. This Mars/Pluto opposition is the third of three meetings between these two because of Mars’ retrograde phase, which sent it on a back and forward journey, opposite the zodiac from where Pluto has been sitting. First meeting was last mid-September, second was New Year and finally this one; so there’s going to be a linking thread to events back then during this final meeting to watch for.

And speaking of shadow phases, Mars is still in one. Even though it resumed forward motion in January after appearing to move backwards since mid-November, it doesn’t reach the mid-November degree it held of 12 degrees Cancer till early April, so there’s still a Mars themed journey going on there, and still time for unfinished business that birthed mid-November to be all tied up neatly by then.

Pluto has changed signs in the time it has taken to meet up with Mars three times, into Capricorn, which is the birth sign of the United Kingdom, and sign of stress and tension (thanks to having planet of pressure, Saturn as ruler), so how interesting that a big stress-busting earthquake hit England this week. Or was it just my Pluto-sensitive Scorpio sister and I that found it to be a tension reliever? You know, working much like a thunderstorm, or rainstorm in shifting the atmosphere of things?

But maybe it was just because I was relieved to find that it was an earthquake shaking the bed and rattling the coat hangers, having just moved house, to find myself all alone in the wee hours after watching Most Haunted (why did I watch it on my own??), wide awake and wide-eyed, peering into the shadows, only to have the heavy metal bed frame I was lying on start to shake like a horror movie. I tell you, at the time it made perfect sense to assume poltergeist activity before earthquake, especially as the rising degree of the earthquake chart was hitting my spooky Neptune in Scorpio.

Hopefully I’ll be back with internet connection before the 10th?

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Tumblewords: said...

Makes one yearn for a slab of superior joy, comfort, wealth and health! Sometimes the little pushes of the universe are most annoying - even when stress relieving. :)