Monday, September 08, 2014

Full Moon in Pisces Conjunct Chiron - 9th September 2014

This annual full moon in the mystical, dreamy, sleepy, peace-loving sign of Pisces is an unusually strong healing moon, so go with the flow and get on the Pisces wavelength for the next couple of days, whether it’s through art, meditation, music, nature or a good snooze… surrender your senses to that unmistakable feeling of witnessing a sensational sunset, a smiling baby, or the power of your favourite music. You know that feeling - it’s uplifting, heart-opening, a recognition of oneness, and connection with something pure, profound, awesome and REAL - very real, yet indescribable, uncontainable, and ineffable.

What is being healed with this full moon is the idea that this energy, this Spirit, this experience, is somehow wispy and weak compared to our big, bold, rough and tumble world of logic and scientific certainty. Quite the opposite, it’s what holds us secure enough to create even a rough and tumble world, and it’s what holds us all together to play within that world. God’s glue.

This rare healing moon is about peeling back the layers of self-doubt and disbelief, to find underneath only the gentle velvet touch of unconditional Love and its oneness/awareness with all the universe. It’s who we each are underneath, in our own unique and magnificent ways. We often let ourselves peek into the mirror that is this physical universe, at the beautiful sunsets and babies and music that are reflected back to us, and we feel the appropriate awe and reverence of it all, but we often don’t realise it’s also us we are sensing. Oneness is a tricky concept; if you perceive magnificence ‘out there’ it’s your own magnificence you are feeling. Confused? Doubtful? Let the full moon in Pisces be your guide...

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