Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Buy A Reading!

  • Often, current or recent circumstances begin to make a whole lot more sense when we look at what the planets are up to for us personally.

  • Astrology helps connect us to the bigger picture, which is ALWAYS working for our benefit, no matter how things look from our viewpoint.

  • And we can stop tensing against the future or fearing the unknown, once we get a perspective on it. Astrology is very helpful for doing this. 

If you have an issue or question about current circumstances that you would like to get my astrological perspective about, I will take a look at your chart and see how current planet patterns are hitting your chart, then write you my interpretation; usually in 7 working days or less.

Price for this reading is £60 UK which is approx $90 USD

I will need:
- your date of birth (written 22nd April 85, rather than 22/4/85),
- place of birth (ie town or city, and country),
- time of birth

(if you have no time of birth, that's ok -  I will use a solar chart for you instead.. it's surprising how accurate a solar chart can be).

Click below to buy a reading, and I will contact you via your Paypal email. You can add birthdata and questions on your Paypal form, or you wait till I email you and we can discuss it then.

Or email me before buying if you have queries you would like me to answer before you purchase.

Thanks for reading and maybe hear from you soon :)

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