Thursday, October 01, 2015

October 2015 Horoscopes

21st March – 20th April
The sun moves through your relationship chart till the 23rd (then it’s about trusting the process), and your ruler Mars is in problem-solving mode all month. It means that there’s a lot of focus on your connections with others and understanding how important authentic harmony is (as opposed to just not rocking the boat). Communication moves forward from the 9th, and differences or conflict with others are revolutionary around new moon time on the 13th, and productive and evolutionary around 16th/17th and from 23rd. Full moon on the 27th focuses on finance and self-worth, and all the value you’ve gained from October events. 

21st April – 21st May
You’re finding your balance in so many ways this month, which means it’s ok to wobble a bit while you’re getting there; it’s ok for things to be unsettled before they settle, and it’s ok to change your mind after making your mind up. The new moon on the 13th speaks strongly of all this and more, especially about more expansion that is going on with you creatively and more focus on fun and romance (particularly around 17th and 25th). Then events around the annual full moon in your sign on the 27th seem designed to reflect a new sense of stability and security.

22nd May – 21st June
Your ruler Mercury ends retrograde (appearing to move backwards) from the 9th. This suggests a turning point, change of direction or change of mind, possibly as a result of the wisdom gained from recent experience with creative projects or in matters of the heart. A new moon focused on justice and fairness echoes this message on the 13th, and also speaks of unconventional or unexpected new beginnings linked to friendship, groups or gatherings. There’s also lots of activity around home and family matters all month (especially 8th, 17th and 25th), and a rare planet pattern involving the full moon on the 27th is about solutions and stability for home as well as career.

22nd June – 22nd July
This month there’s lots of problem-solving discussion and communication. It’s easy to get fussy or critical about the way forward, but this distracts from the real issue, so stay on topic and help others with that too. There’s a new moon on the 13th in your home and family chart, which indicates new beginnings in this area of your life. It’s also about comfort zone in general, and you seem to be pushing those boundaries, especially midmonth, in ways that might unsettle your emotional equilibrium but will bring fulfilment with time. Final week of October, especially full moon on the 27th, mixes fun and faith with lots of friendship.

23rd July – 23rd August
There’s strong focus on finance and resources all month, with a cluster of feel-good planets in this area of your chart. There’s Jupiter for faith and expansion, Venus for harmony and balancing the books, and Mars for passion and drive. At times circumstances might make you lose sight of how easy it is for you to tap resources and your inner resourcefulness just now (mainly at midmonth), but even then your faith and knowledge will just return with more courage and conviction. Communication, learning and travel are powerful all month, and then the full moon on the 27th brings events to a head linked to home and family matters, or career, status and reputation (perhaps both)

24th August – 22nd September
Lucky Jupiter, love goddess Venus and action planet Mars are together in your sign this month. It means confidence, charm and energy, and it means being ready to move forward on what really matters to you. The new moon on the 13th indicates a new resolve to stop settling for less than what you deserve. This uncompromising attitude is exactly what’s needed as too often in the past you’ve talked yourself out of things simply because it didn’t seem logical, and you didn’t know that feeling thrilled meant it’s a ‘yes’ from the universe. But now you are ready to risk uncharted waters so the planets support you all the way.

23rd September – 23rd October
The annual new moon in your sign on the 13th symbolises great new beginnings this month.  Any new moon is a good time to review and reaffirm intentions, but especially when it happens in your sign. New approaches and a new appearance are on the cards in particular, and relationships are about revolution and rocking the boat. There’s an important turning point or change of mind around the 9th, and a sense of things moving forward, especially in communication from that time. Your ruler Venus is in a spiritual mood from the 8th, which means you are too, and meditation and mindfulness are so powerful for you (especially 16/17th).

24th October – 22nd November
There’s a lot of going with the flow to be done this month, as there is necessary disruption or upheaval (especially midmonth) that might make you worry things are falling apart not coming together. Don’t hammer things into place in the search for balance as it will work against you. Instead think of it as nature taking its course, and that course includes the outcome you most desire. It’s all about mind-set, so meditate or get still when you get the urge to surge forward and fix things in a hurry. A fabulous full moon in your relationship chart on the 27th speaks of the full support you have on what matters most.

23rd November – 21st December
There’s a cluster of planets at the top of your chart, which suggests continuing focus and activity on long-term aims and ambition, and career and status. The month seems to build intensity to events around full moon time on the 27th and it all revolves around establishing more stability and security. Midmonth might feel the opposite of that, as there’s plenty that’s unpredictable or unexpected going on, but you’re also at your most inventive and resourceful at that time, which is a kind of security or confidence you can count on. Friendship, groups and gatherings are important at this time too, possibly as the way doors of opportunity open (especially midmonth).

22nd December – 20th January
There’s loads of focus on long-term aims and ambition for much of the month, as well as career and status. A lot of it is about finding your balance in a big learning curve you’re going through right now (perhaps literally going through, via education or training). And some of it stems from feeling unsettled or wanting to break comfort zones and routines (especially midmonth time). Also, your perfectionist side is out in force, but your sharp analysis and meticulous assessment of what and who you believe in can be very healing when softened with compassion. This is most noticeable by the final week, especially in events around full moon time on the 27th.

21st January – 18th February
It’s a very healing kind of a month, with strong focus on change, regeneration and transformation. It’s the kind of healing that comes with not trying to control the uncontrollable, and with trusting the process; it impacts all areas of your life, especially intimate relationships. The new moon on the 13th suggests revolution is in the air; you are seeing things very differently and speaking your truth very differently too, and new beginnings are coming from it all, especially linking to education or travel. As the month goes on, security and a sense of stability are becoming more interesting to you as far as career and comfort zone goes. You don’t want one without the other.

19th February – 20th March

A lot of things might be stirred up or seem unsettled at times this month (especially midmonth), but not only is this necessary in making the right moves for change to happen, it’s also beneficial for healing some existing situations in the long-term. There’s also a big focus on key relationships this month, including business partnerships, and any legal contracts and agreements; where events seem to bringing out your most logical, meticulous and perfectionist side. The full moon on the 27th has a theme of security and stability and how a lot of it depends not trying too hard to control the uncontrollable.

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