Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Virgo Solar Eclipse September 1st & Pisces Lunar Eclipse September 16th, 2016

This month (September 2016) there are two eclipses… a solar one (at the time of the new moon) in the sign of Virgo on the 1st. And a lunar (at the time of the full moon) in the sign of Pisces on the 16th.
Both indicate key stages in the lunar cycle – solar eclipses tend to indicate new phases or new beginnings, and lunar eclipses often indicate closure or letting go. Especially emotional closure. The Moon is about emotions and feelings, and so they are coming to the forefront this month, to be acknowledged, processed and integrated.

In astrology eclipses are about major turning points, where certain situations have been building up momentum through events for quite some time, for good or ill, and the events at eclipse times are release points, or trigger points for long-term change. You can look back with hindsight at an eclipse period and see how events around that time were movers and shapers of future direction.

September 1st Eclipse = Preparation is Key
During the September 1st eclipse, the planets suggest there has been pressure to act in a certain way, or to act on certain things, but the timing might not be quite right to take action, even if you want to. Withholding or holding fire doesn’t mean failure to launch, it is more about good preparation. The time for action might be more mid-month or beyond, when Mars aligns with the lunar eclipse.

Saturn square Neptune
This planet alignment has been one of the key themes of the year, and it figures highly in the eclipses, especially the solar eclipse on the 1st. This alignment has brought our fears to life in some respects, only for us to find out that our fears hold no power over us in reality.
It’s also about being very careful what we believe in or buy into, as what seems real often turns out to be just a façade. It’s been a year of remembering not to judge books by covers.

Mercury Retrograde
This retrograde period started near to the solar eclipse on 30th August, and will continue for most of the month, ending on the day of the Autumn equinox, 22nd September.
Although Mercury retrogrades three times a year, this one is a strong retrograde because:
-          Mercury is in Virgo, the sign which it rules.
-          North node is in Virgo, which is an indicator of opportunities or open doors that feel ‘fated’ or like ‘destiny’ to walk through. Mercury is therefore planet associated with this north node, which means it’s the planet to watch for the way these opportunities will manifest (Mercury is about communication, logic, pathways, transport, siblings and sibling relationships, and neighbours). As Mercury is Retrograde it means the concept of retrograde is also how those opportunities manifest. Retrograde means reconnection or returning to the past in some way… looking to the past, looking in a different direction, etc etc. 
-          Mercury meets Jupiter at eclipse time. Jupiter is the planet of good luck, good fortune, faith and expansion. Jupiter uplifts what it touches, which gives this Mercury retrograde period a touch of miracle mindedness; a sparkle of extra confidence and self belief. 

Lunar Eclipse = Ready to Receive
When the moon stands opposite the Virgo sun, from the sign of Pisces on the 16th, it also stands next to the asteroid Chiron. This asteroid is about healing, and specifically about being receptive to healing. Being open and accepting of solutions can be a challenge when the problem or symptom is dominant… it takes imagination to look past what looms large in our life, and be open to answers and opportunities. It also means accepting we are deserving of being given to in this way.

Ask and it is given is the mantra of the universe according to Law of Attraction, but the universe can only give by us being open to receive. The lunar eclipse on the 16th suggests events that highlight this idea of being receptive and open to solutions and problems. The time might be right for action too, according to Mars...

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