Friday, October 05, 2018

Venus Retrograde October 2018

From October 5th until November 15th 2018, planet Venus is retrograde, which speaks of transformation, rebirth and reunion for all relationships, but especially love and romance. Venus is in the sign of Scorpio until late October, so the mood is deep, intense, passionate and mysterious.
Unfinished business is likely to resurface, absent lovers might return, either physically or emotionally, and it’s a time when we might get the urge to dig deeper into situations, maybe play detective or investigate motives and get to the heart of hidden agendas, in others and in ourselves.

Scorpio is focused on what lies beneath the surface, what treasure is hidden underneath appearances; what thoughts and feelings are really going on deep down. Venus in Scorpio situations are like the proverbial iceberg, with only the tip visible while underneath there is a whole lot more going on that is hidden away from view. Scorpio-style relationship dynamics can be tricky at the best of times, with issues around trust, intimacy, control, and unknown territory. Add the retrograde energy into that mix and there’s even more going on, all at once.

But don’t fear old hurts or wounds being reopened, or maybe some old arguments resurfacing, as it might be chance to clear the air and end power struggles. Scorpio energy supports emotional healing, so It’s the right time for counselling, therapy, or for any healing journey to really have some impact as Scorpio is the sign of emotional renewal, rebirth and regeneration. From the dark night of the soul, Scorpio moves us to the light at the end of tunnel.

The new moon in Libra which happens around 9th October, depending on time zone, is the most relationship focused moon of 2018. New moons are about new beginnings and a great time to set intentions for the future. A new moon in Libra is all about new beginnings for love and partnership with new intentions for balance and harmony within, and with others.

Planet Venus (ruler of Libra) is in a rare dance of union and reunion with planet Mars during this retrograde phase. These two planets represent the masculine and feminine nature, the yin and yang which is in us all, and balanced perfectly through the Libra scales of fairness, equality and justice.

Venus reverses from Scorpio back into Libra late October, while the sun moves from Libra to Scorpio. A deep and intense new moon in Scorpio on November 7th reflects how deep the Venus retrograde journey has taken you since October 5th. Reflecting on your own journey during that time might show you how much relationships have transformed and are continuing to give you the chance to choose love, forgiveness, healing, and healthy change. This is the new moon to affirm the new you as far as relationships go. Partnerships are different because you are different!

Venus retrograde ends mid-November, meaning Venus is moving forward again, and so are relationships; transformed and renewed.

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