Friday, December 07, 2018

December 2018 Horoscopes

Last horoscopes of 2018, and today (7th) is the annual new moon in Sagittarius. Mercury moves forward again now too, after communication has been... well... interesting at times (in other words, frustrating). New moon is always a fresh start though, and this one might be the start of a whole new chapter.

21st March – 20th April
It’s a month of paradox and contradiction, for example there’s a new moon in your travel and education chart on 7th, which energises your desire to get moving on some new journeys; yet you’re also feeling you need more retreat or seclusion, to nourish and reconnect. The answer is maybe a spiritual path, or learning something that feeds your soul, rather than just provides a qualification. Then on 21st it’s the winter solstice, marking the approach of holiday season, yet you are more in the mood to make serious long-term plans and commitments, than lose yourself in frivolous party madness. Balance is the key, but it’s a very productive time for working to build a future.

21st April – 21st May
December might bring back some unfinished business from September or November, but this time there are solutions coming with it, especially in relationships and partnerships. The new moon on 7th is about stepping forward into new territory, despite the uncertainty of the unknown. It’s not always easy energy this month, it can be hard to muster enthusiasm for certain things and certain people seem intent on taking the easy way out regardless of its impact on you; but when it all works this month, it really works well and feels worth the hassle. Around winter solstice time on 21st, under a nurturing and nourishing full moon, is a good example of this.

22nd May – 21st June
Mercury your ruling planet is moving forward from 6th, which means you are too, maybe with a refreshed or re-inspired approach to some problem situations, and perhaps delays or obstacles lift and smooth out. This coincides with a new moon in your relationship chart on 7th, which is a powerful sign of new beginnings in love or career in coming weeks, but especially around solstice time on 21st, when union and partnership are the main themes. It won’t always be as easy to see the path ahead as it is around 21st, but it’s always easy to follow it from the heart.

22nd June – 22nd July
Unfinished business from a few months ago might return to be resolved as December opens, maybe linked to home or family, or maybe to creative projects that seemed to stall or move backwards for a time. New moon on 7th in your chart of health and fitness might mean you start early with some new year resolutions, as this moon activates your sensible side and problem-solving skills and sees any challenge as an adventure. On 22nd the annual full moon in your sign is about you and your relationships for the rest of the year, where certain situations are coming to a head, while other situations are coming to fulfilment.

23rd July – 23rd August
Home and family matters that were stuck or at stalemate in previous months have a real chance of being sorted during December. Meanwhile, the sun is energising your chart of creativity, fun and enjoyment for much of the month, which means all artistic endeavours, creative projects and entertainment will energise and enliven you. Romance is also part of this, and new moon on the 7th indicates new beginnings or a turnaround for matters of the heart, especially around winter solstice time on 21st. From 22nd you have your practical and sensible head on, yet your intuition still inspires inventive solutions just when you need them.

24th August – 22nd September
Home and family are an important focus for you this month, with a new moon of new beginnings in this area of your chart on the 7th. At the same time, your ruling planet Mercury moves forward again after weeks of taking backward steps, so the sense of looking forward to the future is tangible at this time, with perhaps a literal change of direction in certain situations. Relationships can be confusing and maybe it’s hard to feel motivated about them at times this month, but there’s also a rather romantic atmosphere too, especially around winter solstice time on 21st. Full moon on 22nd heightens the emotions and opens the door to more fun, friendship and good times.

23rd September – 23rd October
Expect the unexpected as the month opens, as well as some unfinished business from early September or November, perhaps linked to finances or income. This time there are solutions arriving with it. A new moon in your communication chart on 7th indicates new talks and discussions during December that lay foundations of future plans. Also, delays end on sending or receiving communication or information, especially around winter solstice time, when communication (and travel) is extremely positive indeed. Focus moves to home and family at that time, and the full moon on 22nd is all about carving out some comfort zone time.

24th October – 22nd November
What was left unfinished or delayed back in September or November might be cleared and dealt with this month, especially after new moon on 7th, which is all about new income and resources over the next few weeks. It’s also about a new sense of self-worth, as a result of recognising your own resourcefulness and don’t let a temporary creative block or lack of motivation stop you seeing that. Around winter solstice time on 21st brings a bit of luck and good fortune, maybe a windfall, or maybe some doors open on new horizons. It’s about romance too. Whatever form it takes, it’s a time of good vibes and positive energy.

23rd November – 20th December
There’s a lot this month about staying flexible, with thoughts, plans, and people, as they all seem to be inconsistent or hard to pin down at times. The annual new moon in your sign on 7th is like your personal new year. It’s a time for setting intentions for weeks and months to come, and to welcome some new beginnings, perhaps linked to home and family. There might be some new directions or a change in direction at that time too. Solstice time on 21st, is also about change and renewal, with a focus on your finances, purchases and income. Synchronicity and odd coincidences get your attention too, which always means you’re in balance and on track.

21st December – 20th January
Often early December is a reflective or quiet time for you, while you prepare and formulate plans for the coming weeks, but this month might be busier as there’s plenty of activity and movement in the most social and friendly part of your chart. Events might link back to September or November relating to friends, groups, or gatherings, and there’s movement forward in situations generally that takes little effort or push to get going, especially around winter solstice time on 21st. Sun moves into your sign on 21st, and an emotional full moon on 22nd is about balancing or changing priorities in your most important relationships.

21st January – 18th February
Unfinished business from September or November might be return and be resolved this month. You have learned a lot since certain ongoing situations started, so your wisdom of experience is the game changer. This might be connected to jobs and career, but it’s also any kind of long-term plans or ambition you’ve been working on. New moon on 7th is about friendship, groups and gatherings. It’s about new beginnings or opportunities in coming weeks to expand social life and meet kindred spirits. Winter solstice time, around 21st, is very much about doors opening for this. The full moon also at that time is about taking care of you, not just everyone else.

19th February – 20th March
If you’ve been waiting to get going with long-term plans or career goals, there’s a big green light first half of December. You aren’t in the most motivated of moods at that time so maybe the energy of the second half of December might suit you better, especially around winter solstice on 21st, as the planets speak of you being ready for the new opportunities around you. Love is in the air from that time too, as there’s a really romantic vibe in relationships. A full moon in your chart of fun and entertainment on 22nd means there’s plenty of enjoyment still to be had before the year ends too.

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