Tuesday, December 06, 2005

End Of Mars Retrograde In Taurus

This Saturday Mars, which has being retrograde since early November will be moving forward once again. It was way back around August 12th when Mars was last at 8 degrees of Taurus, so if you cast your mind back to events at that time, you might notice some kind of link to what was happening then and now.
The full picture is in place for this whole cycle around early February 2006 (which is when Mars reaches the degree it turned retrograde, during Novemeber), but for now, this is an important turning point, when energies mirror the change in direction.
Aries and Scorpio (the signs ruled by Mars) will feel this most strongly, as well as Taurus of course. For everyone else, because Mars rules motivation, desires, and general va va voom for life, there'll be renewed energy, looking foward instead of back, as well as the feeling of a clear path ahead. Much more like being able to walk on water, rather than trying to run through it, as has been of late.
This is just what is needed to deal with the Venus/Chiron happenings that are developing at the moment. More on that soon.

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