Saturday, December 17, 2005

Venus and Chiron in Aquarius

Venus is the planet of relationships and values, embodiment of the Feminine, and the Yin energy in us all regardless of gender, and is the principle of the Law of Attraction. It's sharing the same space in the heavens as asteroid Chiron today, in an unusual meeting in the sign of Aquarius.

A bit of background on Chiron first: it's one of the many asteroids in orbit between Saturn and Uranus. Saturn among other things, symbolises the limits imposed by authority - those 'keep off the grass' type signs, that sometimes have logical reasoning behind them, but usually don't. Uranus is the maverick and rebel, the one who believes rules are only there to be broken. (In Greek myth Prometheus was the mere mortal who metaphorically stomped all over the best kept lawns of the Gods, and has become known as a fine example of the Uranian personality).

So there's these two planets and this asteroid between them. Some call it the rainbow bridge, and see it as the connecting point, or mediator between these two planets. Some say it is about healing (... which therefore means there is something unhealed that is being brought to the surface). In myth Chiron was known as the wounded healer, because he had an Achilles-heel-style, Fisher King-esque wound that just wouldn't heal no matter how much medicine he learnt. The myth and its meaning, and much more can be found here at Zane Stein's fab site, devoted to Chiron info.

I have studied the movements of Chiron through the zodiac and in people's charts for many a year, and my take on the meaning of Chiron is of a situation that requires understanding as an antidote, as it's understanding that is the necessary shared ingredient in the stern rules of Saturn, and unconditional Uranus freedom.
Chiron can be associated with painful experiences that bring self-awareness as the healing. And it's that personal journey type of healing, that is valuable to pass on as experience to others. It isn't about science labs, statistics or mass produced drugs, this is about the individual journey to well-being; the bumpy ride along the road less travelled.

It's a choice, and Chiron makes us choose over and over. The painful experience can originally be such a sore point that we use it as a reason to completely avoid the area of life Chiron touches by sign and house in the chart, which keeps us on the hamster wheel of pain and lack of fulfillment (because it's connected to a chunk of ourselves that we refuse to accept).
Then Chiron comes along again and hits a planet or two in the skies, or in our charts, and a situation sets up which echoes the original wound, the original sore point, and we have the choice to apply understanding and acceptance, or stay circling the familiar hamster wheel of resistance and pain, with the ever present vague feeling that something important is missing.

And here we are today, with Venus in close contact with Chiron, in the sign of Aquarius. It's an unusual meeting because Venus is preparing to retrograde (appear to move backward); it's coming to a grinding halt ready for a change in direction, a turnaround of energy that will take it back through the degrees of Capricorn over the coming weeks.
We are still close to the recent full moon in Gemini, and under the influence of the Sun/Pluto meeting the other day, so talk about sore point! Jeez. I don't know anyone who isn't feeling this 'Ouch Factor' vibe in a big way.
But of course, this means there is BIG healing available, in terms of Venus associations, and through Aquarian type themes and symbols (and people). The sign of Aquarius is concerned with friendship, support, teamwork, shared purpose, the future, originality and individuality. A retrograde cycle is about 're' words, so for Venus this would be, for example, relationship, reunion, reconnecting, returning, re-evaluating, rejecting etc etc...

Remember: if it's a sore point, it's a call for understanding and (self)acceptance. It's the choice for well-being that grows from self-awareness.

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