Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Mercury Retrograde etc...

I knew the dates of this retro phase was July 5th - 29th, yet it still feels this one crept up on me. Wonder if that's because it's all wrapped up in a Mars/Neptune opposition? I have been pretty spacey the past few days, and since Mercury stationed I have been stationary myself. Just can't get moving for staring out the window in a daydream.

Mercury is both my chart ruler and sun ruler, and is also retrograde in my progressed chart; so I'm pretty sensitive to its retro phases. Last phase in March I experienced a classic Mercury retro tale of computer problems, when Mercury went retro opposing my natal Uranus in Virgo (read all about it here). That was when I finally learnt to take my own astro advice. Now I am walking it like I talk it... which means I will leave this here, and instead start backing up my essential documents :-)

Here is some great info on Mercury retro...
- Lynn Hayes at Astrodynamics has an article here
- There's this one from Alpha Life Trends
- Crystalinks has this page
- and finally there's this classic article by Eric Francis, which captures the full essence of Merc retro in action and proves the important point that the astrologer and astrology aren't seperate...



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links.

I am also ruled by Mercury. I have Neptune crossing my mid-heaven, right now. And, transiting mars is on my natal mars. Not sure what that means, as I am new to learning astrology. All I know is that today I am sleeeepy.... So I can relate to your space cadet feelings.

Barbara Palliser said...

Hi Nancy,
sounds like you are having your Mars return. This is when transiting Mars passes your natal Mars, and it signals the beginning of a new phase of Mars type stuff (goal setting, desire chasing, yang based activities).
It happens about every two years, as that is how long the Mars orbit is.

I have a book by Celeste Teal called 'Identifying Planetary Triggers', which tells you all about the different returns and how to interpret them, I recommend it.
eg, solar return is when the sun completes its yearly orbit and returns to the place it was the day you were born. So your birthday is your solar return :-)

Meanwhile Neptune on the MC could possibly bring a feeling of being lost or confused with regard 10th house matters (career, vocation, status, place in society etc)
Or a feeling of wanting to surrender or give up; or in a positive sense, it's great for artistic stuff, and psychic sensitivity...

and all this in a merc retro phase? I wonder if this means you have felt all this before somehow? either literal experiences are repeating, or a bit of deja-vu thrown in for good measure?

best wishes

Anonymous said...

That is the second time in a few days that this book has been recommended. The cosmic weather podcast talked about it. www.cosmicweather.com. Guess I should move that book to the top of the list!

I'll just say YES! to everything you wrote. I have to surrender to Guidance and I hate what I currently do for work. And, now that you say it I do find kind of deja-vuey....LOL!

I do feel so much better today. Hope your not so spacey as well.

Take care and THANKS!