Thursday, July 20, 2006

North Node In Pisces And Saturn Opposite Neptune

I'm having problems with writers block. It's like pulling teeth to be honest, trying to get anything done… awful stuff… all words have vanished and I have to go labyrinth questing for each and every one of them. No flow, just a fuzzy, foggy head and blank mind. It's been much easier to just close up the computer and let the tears flow instead.
There’s been some pretty heavy outer planet action going on in my chart for months now, but this is a new twist on it all that just started recently when Mercury turned retrograde, yet looking at the process - the wall of resistance, the feelings of powerlessness, dissolving into tears, victim feelings, the feeling that The Block is boss, and the boss is The Block - it's all a classic Saturn/Neptune mix of associations, only this opposition isn't exact till the very end of August.

However last month, around the time of the summer solstice, the north and south nodes of the moon moved into Pisces and Virgo respectively, to stay till December 2007, and the nodes are powerful indicators in a chart. Some say it’s all karmic; that the north node indicates what we are here to develop in this lifetime, and the south node is what we bring in from past lives, for good or ill. Who knows? I’m a bit iffy about the karma thing, but I do think this theory rightly emphasises the influence the nodes have in shaping the flow of energy, through patterns that recognisably link to the node sign.

I also believe that looking to see what the ruling planets of the nodes are up to can reveal more information on how and where these long-term energy patterns are manifesting at any time, and the events that do manifest might benefit from bearing in mind their connection to the nodal polarity in question.
Neptune is co-ruler of Pisces (with Jupiter), and Mercury rules Virgo, so maybe here is where my fuzzed up Mercury stuff fits in, because both natally and by transit Mercury is having an interesting time of things in my chart. It certainly feels as if the south node move into Virgo is activating a whole fresh hell, sorry, a new significant pattern; expressing through the SN ruler still retrograde in Cancer, after having begun the shadow phase of the period at 21 degrees around midsummer solstice time, when the nodes made their sign transition.

And maybe this is why the Saturn/Neptune opposition is being more keenly felt, sooner than expected, as the Neptune link to the north node means its the expression of the challenge that needs confronting or integrating. Star IQ say the south node in Virgo task is to
"set aside the excessive criticism and analysis of this sign to fully engage yourself in whatever you do...Pisces is a sign of forgiveness that erases barriers, overcomes prejudices, and points towards the unity of all things. It is a sign of dreams and inspiration, as well as spirituality and faith that reconnect us to the universal source of all life. There is more to be gained in making errors by following feelings now than by avoiding errors through careful calculation" (full article here).
This is something to bear in mind for the approaching Saturn/Neptune opposition. And for my writers block.

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Anonymous said...

I will have to check out that article. I am fuzz and buzz lately. I have been having a hard time w. this and the last few Merc. retrogrades. Even though I know what is happening I end up all fuzzy. As a Virgo w. Gemini rising it is no wonder Mercury keeps me on my toes or flat on my back.....And, Neptune is crossing my mid-heaven right now....

I may want to think about that Saturn/Neptune opposition that is coming...Natally, Saturn opposes my Pluto and Uranus in sextile to Neptune. EEK!

Big things are happening to all of us.

Hope you feel better soon, {{{HUGS}}}

Barbara Palliser said...

thanks Nancy :-)

well, I'm a Gemini with Virgo rising! It's that double Mercury rule that gets us...

yes, the Saturn/Neptune opposition sounds relevant for you... Saturn rules 10th house, (the cusp of which is normally the Midhaven depending on house system? or have I got that fuzzed up?), so it's kind of there too, in your chart.
Do you have Saturn in Pisces? because there it is again, in the Neptune/Pisces link! Echoes are running through everywhere.

This too shall pass, yes?

good luck with the big stuff, and as it looks like you're going to be an expert on the saturn/neptune energy in all its various guises in your chart, keep us informed of your experiences! This Gemini needs to know!

Anonymous said...

I have Saturn conjunct Chiron in Pisces in the 10th house.

I feel like there are SO many big things happening that I can't keep up w. it all....

Anonymous said...

I have a North Node in Pisces, South Node in Virgo conj. Uranus/Pluto in the 3rd house and about 1/2 an hour before I clicked on your webpage, I was thinking about precision/excessive criticism and emotional truth. You see, I've had this problem all my life except that it was mostly coming from outside; that excessive challenge to my "emotional truth" bc I never got the details right. For instance, I just uploaded a picture to a forum where I post and I had marked it as the Lower East Side. Someone pointed out that it wasn't; it was St. Marks and A. And I posted, Yes, you're right, I didn't even think about it but then I also thought, WTF, this is not a piece of journalism, what's with the challenging tone?

And then I realized that this has been my experience ever since I came to the U.S. from S. America as a kid. I always felt that people were suspicious of my credibility bc I wasn't precise enough. Hence, I have a HUGE problem taking the leap into publishing. I always worry that someone will point out my mistakes and I'll be humiliated. So I've silenced myself. Anyway, I thought I'd share...

I'm coming from

Barbara Palliser said...

thanks for sharing, because I really resonate to that, with all my virgo; and I know a lot of the time the quest for precision for me is as a defence against imagined/remembered criticsm.
I have noticed that since north node has gone into pisces (i have virgo asc and south node is now right on there next to uranus/pluto, that I'm making a lot more mistakes in general that people feel the need to point out. And yes, for fear of humiliation, I too silenced myself and this blog has become like therapy! I have to keep posting and keep confronting it all.
Thanks for dropping by and saying hi, I love

Anonymous said...

Interesting that my story resonates with you bc I have a very Neptunian chart--the opposite of precision and logic! Pisces Moon (rule of my chart), 12th house Venus, Neptune in Scorpio in the 5th trine the Moon. So you can imagine!

The thing that I've noticed lately is that we live in an intensely critical society. Sometimes I think that all those reality shows are just another excuse to have people judge and criticize others in manufactured situations. I mean, those very same shows co-exist with TV blogs and forums where the reality show stars' every move is examined and mocked. And if you consider that these contestants are put in artificial situations that increase the stress they feel (living in ridiculously artificial psychological conditions), it's easy for us to pretend that we wouldn't act foolishly if we were in their place...

Anyway, I think I'm finally beginning to understand that whole North Node in Pisces thing (oh, it's in the 9th house). I do have to break out of my fear of publishing, though.

Barbara Palliser said...

well, Neptune is a focal planet in my chart, everything links to it, and its on my 3rd cusp, so the Neptune effect is always there on my thinking - that's what I meant about the precision as defence - I spent far to much time in the past trying to pre-empt what others might criticise because I felt so open and vulnerable. It's easy to drive yourself mad trying to pre-empt stuff though! That's the internal editor at work I suppose, or more like censor, which I suppose is what the silence is about.

I think of signs in pairs to be honest, so where you experience Virgo qualities Pisces won't be far away.

I agree about the reality show thing - maybe it's because TV is quite a passive thing, in a Pisces style, if you know what I mean - just sitting back and trancing out, then in comes the Virgo critic as a balance.
But of course others have always sat in judgement of others - what's that saying about not casting the first stone, so maybe not.

I watched 'The Truman Show' for the first time last night, and was thinking how the efforts to keep him in the boundries of the show - the plane poster in the travel agents, the traffic jams, etc, was all like that concept of negative beliefs scripting your life, if you know what I mean.
I related strongly to the film because I am recovering from agoraphobia, and one thing I learnt from my time with it was all about the conflict about comfort zones. The need to feel safe v's the desire to be yourself.
anyway, going off on a tangent here! I meant it in relation to criticism having the power silence you.

9th house rules publishing, so maybe it's time to make that leap of faith! What's your jupiter up to? Jupiter rules Pisces and 9th house matters and HUGE leaps of faith...
What was it Trueman said when the storm hit the boat? 'is that all you got'.
Bring it on...

Barbara Palliser said...

PS we must also be in the realm of saturn/neptune opposition here too,of course, what with that Trueman Show/boundries/ocean analogy, and the fact that as I wrote my reply to you, I forgot I left the bath running, and got a bit of an overflow going!

Deborah said...

Hi Barbara,

I am a Pisces and am very curious what/where the North Node is indicating for me right now. Would you need my chart do assist me with that? This has been an interesting year for me, and my destiny and natural order seem to be playing out through hidden signs and recent relationships; however, I am still very confused on what areas I should be focusing on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Barbara Palliser said...

Hi Deborah,

well,there's some options on this for you: I don't mind answering brief questions by email, or I can look at your chart and send you an email reading though I ask for payment by Paypal if I look in depth at an issue. Or I can answer your question as a blog, and that would have no charge. Just click on the email link underneath my profile on the right hand side of the blog and get in touch :-)