Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Full Moon Effect - It's Official!

“When you try to reason with people on a full moon they become more aggressive and less rational... When you try to reason with them on a full moon they become more argumentative.”

So says Inspector Andy Parr of Sussex police, who, after researching lunar cycles and violent crime has found enough evidence of a link to warrant extra officers on patrol during full moons and new moons. (read story here)


Tumblewords: said...

Barbara - this may seem like a dumb comment - but hasn't this research been done and proven a bazillion times? I sometimes wanna smack 'em up the side of the head with an ephemeris. Laughing. Like kids. How many times must they learn the same thing? How long have WE known this?

Barbara Palliser said...

:-)) oh that made me laugh. I want to bounce the ephemeris off their forehead, cartoon style (especially with a cartoon style noise going off at the moment of impact)