Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Friday Full Moon In Capricorn

Full moon energy often feels like an uneasiness, a restlessness or a building tension because it heightens emotional awareness, and with Capricorn being the sign of the builder, of stress and tension, weighty issues, and of planning ahead (from the influence of ruling planet Saturn), don't be surprised if that feeling is around strongly in advance.

Full moons are noted for bringing events to a head, for breaking stalemates, or marking changes in direction, because this heightened awareness makes it nigh on impossible to ignore feelings. It's much more difficult to stuff down emotions and tolerate unwanted or unsatisfying circumstances during peak moments in the lunar cycle, which is why I believe the emergency services are busier at these times trying to deal with those on emotional overload (see what the police had to say about it last year here).

Capricorn is linked to the public sector and today marked the beginning of 'the biggest strike in years' in the UK, of disgruntled council workers, teachers, librarians, and driving examiners to name but a few (link). Jupiter (events on a grand scale) in Capricorn is an influence here (opposing Mercury); as well as Saturn in Virgo which is still in aspect to Mars in the full moon chart. Saturn = strike, Mars = action. And Virgo? well, who is responsible for collecting my rubbish now please? It had to be my day for putting me bins out didn't it...

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