Thursday, July 17, 2008

More For Full Moon In Capricorn - The Emotional Scale

As mentioned yesterday, full moon energy heightens emotional awareness, making what feels negative feel more negative (and what’s positive more positive too of course). While feeling the feeling is always fabulous, feeling stuck in a negative feeling is not; so as Capricorn full moon has a lot to do with emotional responsibility and taking things step by step, here’s the Abraham-Hicks method of shifting emotionally to a better place, using their emotional scale…

According to Abraham, negative emotion is down to perception of loss of freedom, while positive is perception of freedom. Emotions also indicate the relationship between desire and belief (when you want something what is your belief around that desire being fulfilled?). It’s when desire and belief are in harmony (I want it and I believe its possible because… ) that Law of Attraction kicks in and the universe sets about responding to our alignment with matching sets of circumstances. The universe can’t deliver beyond our expectations, as it’s just responding to the relationship between what we want and what we are expecting to receive in relation to what we want.

It’s all very Capricorn, even though the Law of Attraction part might sound a bit too ‘something for nothing’ for Cappy. Contrary to some thinking though, there’s a lot of effort to manifesting and positive thinking, but it’s emotional effort; it’s more of an inner process than an external action process, and it takes Capricorn style practice and discipline to keep on thinking the thoughts that change the feelings. Apparently we have an 'emotional set point' on each subject, which doesn't change unless we change it, as it gets set with expectation based on past experience.

Anyway, this is a process I use all the time to change the way I feel about circumstances without asking circumstances to change for me (there’s the freedom you see). And it really does seem to be the case that once you aren’t relying on outside circumstances to change that’s when they do… (but if you do the process with the intention to change the outside circumstances then they don’t of course!).

So if the full moon has raised emotions that you want to feel better about right now and don’t know how, here’s the Abraham emotional scale. In the short term you’ll feel the relief of having the power to change your feelings, and in the long term circumstances start to shift and shape according to your improved feelings. It’s all very Cancer/Capricorn axis stuff…

The Abraham-Hicks Emotional Scale:

• Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation
• Passion
• Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness
• Positive Expectation/Belief
• Optimism
• Hopefulness
• Contentment
• Boredom
• Pessimism
• Frustration/Irritation/Impatience
• Overwhelmed
• Disappointment
• Doubt
• Worry
• Blame
• Discouragement
• Anger
• Revenge
• Hatred/Rage
• Jealousy
• Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness
• Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness

The idea is that you don't have access to thoughts and feelings that are very far away from where you are on the scale, so you can't just 'cheer up mate', if you are right on the bottom. Also, you don't have to do each one in turn, just find on the scale your feeling (or the nearest match), and aim for thoughts that feel a little better... for example which feels better: fear or anger? You can jump from angry thoughts to frustrated thoughts to hopeful thoughts and then into belief quite quickly and easily once you get used to it, but just take it slowly at first or you'll ping back like an elastic band if you try to jump too far too soon.

But anger is the unavoidable route out of depression or fear. Not nice for some to hear as we're often taught that we're supposed to feel guilty for feeling less than loving towards someone, but the guilt puts you back down the scale you see, so anger it is... And this isn't about letting rip at someone, it's not about taking action remember, it's about FEELING it. No one else need know the relief you feel as you IMAGINE punching your boss on the nose.

If you are feeling doubtful or discouraged, then anger or revenge is heading the wrong way. But when you are on your knees with depression, angry thoughts carry you from the very pit of despair. The idea is to look for thoughts that give you a sense of relief when you think them. You aren't problem-solving, you are looking for a feeling of relief that is all. Feeling the relief means you've actually released a bit of resistance to the subject and it's when the inner resistance clears that the outside circumstances clear (not overnight remember, this is Saturn reality here, but it doesn't take forever).

If you like the idea of all this, and want to read more about it, I highly recommend these books by Abraham Hicks
The Astonishing Power of Emotions: Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide

Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires

Their website is here


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