Monday, July 13, 2015

Spacecraft Drives by Pluto, while Pluto opposes Mars, July 2015

On January 19th 2006 a spacecraft began travelling to Pluto for the first time, to take a closer look at it for us. On July 14th 2015 that spacecraft reaches its closest contact with the planet. Read all about the details and background here.

And unsurprisingly to astrologers, Pluto is at the centre of the astrological action this week, with Mars and Pluto meeting for an opposition aspect the day after this historic mission completes (opposition means they are in opposite zodiac signs, Mars in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn).

Whenever Pluto is a highlight of the astrological skies it means that ‘trust versus control’ is a big theme. This is expressing perfectly in the Pluto spacecraft journey itself, as the spacecraft is going to be left to its own devices for a good few hours while it photographs the surface of Pluto; it can’t photograph and communicate with earth at the same time so those at mission control are going to have to cross their fingers or sit on their hands while the main event happens out of their sight, out of their reach, out of their control.

This is kind of what the week is about for all of us...the comfort zone of control and the discomfort zone of feeling out of control.... what do we do, and how do we respond when feeling 'out of control'? Trust the process, says Pluto in Capricorn...

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