Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Venus Retrograde Readings Now Available!

The lovely Venus is retrograde from 25th July until 6th September 2015. Curious to know what this might mean for you? Or what the dickens it means at all? Interested to know how to get the best of this period?

My Venus Retrograde Reading can answer this!

This is not computer generated; each reading is lovingly (yes I love my job!) written by me, and is personal to you.

How to order:
It's easy! just click on the Paypal link below.

On the order form is a box for you to provide your preferred email address for me to contact you and send your reading.

I will then email you and let you know when to expect the reading to reach you. It's normally only a few days or less, unless very busy. (Keep an eye on your junk mail folder if you don't hear from me).

I ask for your date of birth (written '6th May 1985' rather than '6/5/85' to make sure I get your date and month correct), and your place of birth (for example Liverpool, England, or Perth, Australia, etc). Also most importantly, I need your TIME of birth (these readings don't really work unless I have a time of birth).

you can also add any questions you have too!


you can add all that info in the box on the order form, and I will just email to tell you when to expect your reading.

Hope to hear from you!


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