Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Neptune Fog

Taurean Tony Blair is squeezing the ID cards through another stage closer again. Read more here
It's worrying that even Microsoft have no faith in the security of the ID card system, as when I start my computer I just have to press cancel on my password prompt and it lets me in.
I love this quote by David Heath, who says the technology works perfectly well "unless you are disabled, or have dark skin, or brown eyes, or whether you are bald or wrinkled. If you make the mistake of being bald and wrinkled, it tells you you have got your head upside down."

But anyway it isn't really the issue, it's the whole 'undercover of terrorism' thing that is being used to get people fearful and insecure, and therefore open to the idea that this is necessary. I am noticing these kind of stories start surfacing during Neptune aspects. Remember Bush's speech... It really feels like it's a case of undermining people's sense of security and then cashing in on the fear. In true negative Neptune style we then start looking for a rescuer, someone to protect the flock from the hungry wolves... enter Tony and his ID machine, and George and his war.
Taurean Tony won't give up of course. He has both Sun and Jupiter in Taurus. He also has a few planets right where the eclipse just landed on Monday: Mercury in Aries opposing a Saturn/Neptune conjunction in Libra... and then this happens the day after...

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