Friday, October 28, 2005

Venus and Pluto Brief Encounter

This weekend Venus and Pluto are together in the sign of Sagittarius, the sign of faith and belief. Pluto is recognisable through the intensity it brings to situations. It has a real pressure cooker feel - powerful, potent, BIG energy, and with Venus involved it all revolves around relationships, values, self worth and self esteem.
Pluto brings things up. It raises things to the surface. Anything we have tried to bury and forget is fair game for Pluto to bring into full view. So no matter what happens this weekend, remember that it was already an issue somewhere deep down. It's not new stuff. It was in storage somewhere in the cellar of the psyche.

And while it certainly doesn't have to be a negative experience, it often feels that way, so it's important to keep in mind the Pluto purpose: that stuff is only raised to clear our path, to move us on, lighten the load, and keep us true to ourselves.
The negativity comes as a result of us hanging on, clinging on to what is not our truth, to what we don't need anymore, or what doesn't serve our real happiness. Possessed by fear it all gets murky, messy, co-dependant, paranoid and painful, all wrapped up in an uncomfortable sense of urgency. So it's a call to be brutally honest with ourselves and confront the control freak deep within; it's the faith in fear that needs to be brought to the light and dealt with.

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