Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sun In Scorpio: What Lies Beneath

Yes, the season of the Scorpio is upon us. More than any other sign in the zodiac, I think people are familiar with the attributes associated with this one. It has a formidable reputation which is part fact, part fiction, and as those born under this influence are fully aware of the benefits in having mythical status, they don’t bother setting the record straight.
It’s all in the eyes and aura with this lot, which means they are the easiest sign to recognise through physical characteristics. I mean, is it any surprise to anyone that Condaleeza Rice is a Scorpio? She also has Mercury, Venus and Saturn there too, as well as her career indicator. Other famous Scorps are Picasso, Prince Charles, Bill Gates, Hilary Clinton, Sylvia Plath, Demi Moore, Dostoevsky... and Bram Stoker of course.
There's also Michel Gauquelin, a scientist who got fed up with the wild claims of astrology, and set out to debunk it all. But after much testing he ended up switching sides on the debate, and became one of its greatest fans, eventually providing a large contribution of research and scientific proof, centering around what he called the Mars Effect. (Mars is co-ruler of Scorpio, btw) More on him here.

You see, Scorpio is into truth because it's where the real power lies, and Scorp likes power best of all. It means that all those born at this time of year, or those with a heavy influence of this sign in their chart, have strong issues with truth and lies, control, betrayal, hidden agendas and uncovering motives - it's the sign of the detective because all Scorpios instinctively know that what you see of a person/situation on the surface is just the tip of the iceberg. Knowing what lies beneath the surface means you know the truth of someone/something, which is a powerful place to be.
It's also the sign of the criminal as well as the detective; the underworld and the darker elements of life. There's also themes of secrets, of skeletons in the closet, and also of ghosts at Halloween. It's the sign linked to the spirit world and all occult matters because it's about the unknown. And like the Death card in Tarot, it's about shedding skins, transformation... a place where what is no longer needed is discarded to make room for what is. In other words it's letting go. Stepping into the dark, the unknown and trusting that what comes of that step is what is necessary, and that you have to close one door to open another.

Scorpio has two ruling planets. Mars and Pluto. Mars is the symbol of desire, and in Aries (also ruled by Mars), it is direct and open, but in Scorpio it's a hidden desire. This is why there's the reputation for being drawn to what they shouldn't as far as relationships goes... in fact as far as anything goes. Anything that dare not speak its name is like a magnet to them.
Pluto is the planet of transformation. The phoenix rising from the ashes, the image re-invented, and the alchemical process. Pluto draws us into the edge of the abyss, like the pull of a black hole, shreds us through its cosmic spin cycle, and spits us out the other side into rebirth and raw newborn rage, a stronger and wiser version of who we were before. Closer to the truth of ourselves that was there but hidden all along.

Scorpio knows deep down that the only thing a person can really own is their inner power, which is mysterious, fathomless, potent and is claimed by going within, rather than through any route in the outside world. This is where the polarity sign of Taurus comes into play, being the sign of ownership and of value.
It's a case of use it or lose it as far as personal power goes. Scorpio is certainly capable of using what others don't value about themselves for their own benefit. If you are giving your power away, some won't waste much time putting it to good use for themselves. A more unscrupulous Scorp type might try to persuade you that your power isn't much value to anyone at all, including yourself, in order to make it feel worthless to you and therefore a free lunch for them. They have to persuade you of that though, they can never just steal it... like every good vampire, they have to wait for an invite.

Until November 22nd, the Sun is moving through the sign of Scorpio, which means the whole world is on that wavelength. Expect the themes and symbols of this sign to express through situations and events, personally and collectively for the duration, and with Jupiter moving into Scorpio for a whole year starting from tomorrow, a brief encounter between Venus and Pluto on Friday, and Mars still retrograde in Taurus until December, expect more updates very soon



Anonymous said...

Barbara, Excellent analysis on Scorpio and all the Pluto 'undertones' that go with it!!! I , for one, shall be waiting and watching how it hits my Midheaven and Part of Fortune, both Sun and Jupiter transits. Should be one helluva Halloween! Love your blog!!! Keep up the great writing! Shawn xxx

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed every minute of this beginning to last. My brain wanted more of this delicious dish.

Barbara Palliser said...

aww thanks anon!!! :))