Friday, September 08, 2006

Better Out Than In...

... so said 17 of Tony Blair’s own men as they tried to force the issue of his retirement as leader of the Labour party, by pushing him to set a date. This coincided with the lunar eclipse, an event that traditionally signifies important or ominous happenings to influential public figures.

A lunar eclipse happens during the full moon, when the sun and moon are on opposite sides of the zodiac. It’s a time when the cosmic energies stretch to their max between two points, and in the tradition of ‘as above, so below’, the events here on earth follow suit, along with a characteristic sense of tension and irritability.
Any full moon tends to push for the 'enough's enough' point, but mix it with an eclipse and you get a fed-up feeling that brings events to a head, with far-reaching implications and long-term impact.

This eclipse energy certainly pushed the Labour party to breaking point, with the resignation of 7 of the 17, followed by a photo of a grinning Gordon Brown that fuelled rumours he had orchestrated the whole thing in an effort to clear his path for a straight run at promotion to Prime Minister.
With Charles Clarke’s opinion about the Brown photo as being ‘a stupid, stupid thing’ to have done, it became clear that full moon madness had descended on the Labour party with gusto, and internal chaos publicly polarised the camp between Blair supporters and Brown supporters, mirroring the cosmic tension happening simultaneously in the skies above them.

An outward impression of peace fooled no-one today, with one journalist describing the situation as being ‘as calm and serene as a sackful of ferrets’.

Normally I have the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to politics, simply because I just can't tolerate the lies, spin and manipulation, but this has been a rare treat - not just because the whole affair has demonstrated the ‘as above so below’ theory of astrology with such precision – but because it was also a reality show peek into the clearly edgy relationship between Blair and Brown, that under lesser astrological conditions would no doubt have remained hidden by spin.

As usual, Blair the typical Taurean has refused to be pushed by anyone into anything, especially the issue of retirement, though he has mentioned June next year just to keep hounds at bay. This is the timing of the last Saturn/Neptune opposition, and is also just a few short weeks before the UK chart hits its Saturn return - the end of a 30 year astrological cycle and a key point of transition in any chart. It’s also the time when Saturn conjuncts Pluto in Blair’s chart for the final time, ending a yearlong transition of his own.

However Brown’s supporters would prefer to plan a Christmas leaving do. Brown is a Pisces with north node at 20 degrees of that sign. Currently the north node is at 25 degrees of Pisces, which means it reaches the 20 degree mark in December, so this date suggests a significant time Brown, being the beginning/end of an important 19 year cycle.
I always look to see what the rulers of the nodes are up to in a chart for more information on how this cycle will play out, and with Brown having north node in Pisces the ruler is Neptune; therefore it’s the Saturn/Neptune opposition that describes the manifestation of events connected to the future development of this cycle.

So whether it’s December or next June, it appears it’s the Saturn opposite Neptune symbolism all the way.

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The Astrology Page said...

Hi Barbara,

Is this one of those out of the frying pan into the fire changes? Both of them seem sneaky to me.

The Astrology Page

P.S. I got your tag, now I just have to figure out who's next. Any ideas?

Barbara Palliser said...

Hi Susan!
the tag - well, I just raided my link list, crossed my fingers and hoped somebody might respond.

I chose people who I wanted to know more about because I liked their blog (and I'm nosy like that), or those who I thought might not mind me tagging them... if they incorporate personal stuff into their blog in some way, then chances are they might take up the tag.
But there's no pressure to participate. I like the lists, and think they're fun to answer and read, it's a way to satisfy my Gemini curiousity I think :-)
But not everyone joins in, which is ok too.

The Astrology Page said...

Nosy is good.

I'm working on the tag.

Tumblewords: said...

Too bad politicians aren't required to take classes in astrology and history. They spin without knowing. Now would be a particularly fine time for them to study. Good post!

Anonymous said...

Both England and the U.S seem to be falling apart politically (and from my perspective this can only be a good thing). What are the implications for this in the future? My president, Chimpy McFlightsuit, is now questioning the Geneva Convention-- although why it needs to be questioned after sixty years baffles most of us. There is all this fuss about semantics perhaps. I'd be interested in your perspective. Either way, Blair or Bush can't say anything right these days.

Barbara Palliser said...

Chimpy Mcflighsuit gets funnier each time I say it :-)

Another astrology blogger has written a great article about the link between saturn/jupiter in the events of world leaders lives. Will find it, as I'm sure that's why there's this simultaneous blair/bush palava going on...