Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Weather Alternative

Here's an interesting blog for my friends in the US... the Weather Alternative is the weather forecast using astrology! How about that!

I have been wondering whether astrology could have any bearing on the weather since I noticed that just before a full moon, or at the time of solstices/equinoxes, it often gets windy. Now this might just be where I live, but it's something that got me thinking...

This is from the introduction to the site:

Johannes Kepler, the 17th century astronomer and discoverer of the planetary laws of motion, experimented with what today would be considered an alternative forecast method that made long-range weather forecasts possible. Kepler observed that the angular relationships among the planets coincided with the formation of weather systems here on Earth that, in turn, produced storms, droughts, floods, etc. His first brush with fame came not because of his breakthrough regarding the planetary laws of motion but because of his accurate long-range weather forecast of the severe winter that put Styermark, Germany on ice in 1593. Since the planets move in repetitive cycles that can be known beforehand, he reasoned, the weather induced by them can also be known beforehand.

Check out the astro weather forecast here

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