Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Steve Irwin Dies

I am just so sad to hear about the death of Steve Irwin. He was an incredible personality, and I loved his utter devotion to the kind of creatures that would make most of us run a mile. His enthusiasm was infectious, and I laughed a lot and learnt a lot while watching his TV programmes. He made it all fun, which is the mark of a truly gifted teacher.

Have heard it said the accident on Monday was ironic in a sense because it wasn't involving a 'dangerous' creature, but I feel this isn't irony; it has a rightness to it, because his skill lay in handling those dangerous creatures; he understood them so well that an accident was never going to happen that way.

I had a look at his chart, and I noticed the Saturn/Neptune opposition at the degree of his North/South node in Leo/Aquarius. April Elliott Kent at Big Sky Astrology Blog also notes the heavy presence of Jupiter at the time, often a feature of charts involving time of death.

I became fiercely protective of Steve Irwin when that offensive gaggle of do-gooders complained about him holding his baby sort of near that crocodile. How typical of that type to take that stance. How dare they assume they knew better than his years of experience. But anyway, they arn't important now. I just want to remember him for making me smile with his exuberance and big personality, and for inspiring me with his passion for his subject.

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